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"Aurore Press’ story might begin on a night in 1984, when then-new-to-town Betsy Young was driving around Newport Ky with an address written on a piece of paper, stopping people on the street to ask if they knew where to find a place called the Jockey Club. Or it may begin two years earlier, when a 15-year-old named Chuck Byrd was digging through the punk section at a local record store and got invited to his first show there." -- Soapbox Cincinnati

"Every person has the ability to take action and make a difference in the fashion that the founders of Aurore (Press) have achieved. Nobody is powerless. Think about the way that you can best contribute. Don’t let the Tea Party and our most regressive people define our futures." -- Neil Aquino, Texas Liberal: All People Matter

"The folks at local independent publisher Aurore Press have done more than almost anyone to keep alive the legend of The Jockey Club, the ’80s Punk Rock venue in Newport that put the allegedly behind-the-times Cincinnati on the Punk map and helped foster a strong local Punk scene that lives on to this day." -- Cincinnati CityBeat


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Lost on the River Ep. 11
Herzog Music

Features a great chat with Betsy Young and Chuck Byrd about upcoming Jockey Club memorial events, celebrating the mid-80s punk venue where countless acts like the Ramones, Johnny Thunders and The Replacements helped foster a music community that remains strong to this day.

Beyond the Written Word Ep. 2
Radio Artifact 1660 AM

Chuck Byrd and Betsy Young discuss spoken word in Cincinnati as well as their small press, Aurore Press.



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