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Anthology Edited by Betsy Young and Chuck Byrd
$9.99 + S&H

Junky cars—or “hoopties”—that remain road worthy with the help of duct tape, plastic wrap, garbage bags, bungee cords, plastic zip ties, nylon rope, foam insulation, Rustoleum, bondo, primer, patches and plugs...hopefully you get the picture.

From recollections of a childhood built around a fascination with car culture to disastrous and chaotic experiences while driving a hooptie to the romance and mystique of an almost living, breathing thing made up for glass and steel, Houpe de Ville is the celebration of the last leg of a car's life.

Featuring Mark Flanigan, Nick Barrows, Robert "Jughead" Sturdevant, and more.

9781541308046 | Pub Date November 7, 2015 | 7x10 | 32 pages | $9.99 + $3.00 S&H

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